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Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964)

Jawaharlal Nehru was born in Allahabad, the son of a lawyer whose family was originally from Kashmir. He was educated in England, at Harrow School, and then at Trinity College, Cambridge. He then studied law at the Inner Temple in London. He returned to India in 1912 and practised law for some years. In 1916, he married Kamala Kaul and the following year they had a daughter, Indira.

In 1919, Nehru joined the Indian National Congress which was fighting for greater autonomy from the British. He was heavily influenced by the organisation's leader Mohandas Gandhi. During the 1920s and 1930s Nehru was repeatedly imprisoned by the British for civil disobedience. In 1928, he was elected president of the Congress.

By the end of World War Two, Nehru was recognised as Gandhi's successor. He played a central role in the negotiations over Indian independence. He opposed the Muslim League's insistence on the division of India on the basis of religion. Louis Mountbatten, the last British viceroy, advocated the division as the fastest and most workable solution and Nehru reluctantly agreed.

On 15 August 1947, Nehru became the first prime minister of independent India. He held the post until his death in 1964. He implemented moderate socialist economic reforms and committed India to a policy of industrialisation.

Nehru also served as foreign minister of India. In October 1947, he faced conflict with Pakistan over the state of Kashmir, which was disputed at independence. Nehru sent troops into the state to support India's claim. A United Nations ceasefire was negotiated, but Kashmir remains deeply unstable to this day.

Against the background of the Cold War, Nehru developed a policy of 'positive neutrality' for India. He became one of the key spokesmen for the non-aligned countries of Africa and Asia, many of which were former colonies that wanted to avoid dependence on any major power.

Despite efforts at cooperation by both countries, Indian-Chinese border disputes escalated into war in 1962 and Indian forces were decisively beaten. This had a significant impact on Nehru's declining health. He died on 27 May 1964.

Two years later Nehru's daughter Indira Gandhi became prime minister. With an interruption of only three years, she held the post until her assassination in 1984. Her son Rajiv was prime minister of India from 1984 to 1989 but he too was assassinated.

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Amazing facts:
Did you know …?
…that Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India was involved with Mridula Sarabhai, Padmaja Naidu, Shraddha Mata and
Lady Edwina Mountbatten?
click here : http://www.nehruplay.com/images/NehruEdwina.jpg

…that Shraddha Mata, a Tantrik woman, is said to have delivered Nehru’s child in a convent in Bangalore?

…that the love child of Jawaharlal Nehru may still be alive in India and he may be a man in his early fifties now? And that his birth date is estimated to be 30th May, 1949?

…that though Nehru’s private secretary M.O. Mathai confirmed the existence of the child, no efforts have ever been made to locate him?

…that Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhas Chandra Bose, two national leaders, lusted after Padmaja Naidu, the daughter of a third national leader, Sarojini Naidu and authentic information is available to prove the fact?

…that Mrs Indira Gandhi abhorred her aunt Vijayalaxmi Pandit, because she had once, as a young girl, overheard Vijaya describing her (Indira) as `ugly and stupid`?

…that a yogi in the Himalayas blessed the atheist Motilal Nehru and sprinkled water on him thrice from his pot, and thereafter Motilal sired three children: Jawaharlal, Krishna and Vijayalaxmi?

…that Vijayalaxmi Pandit wanted to marry Syud Hossain, a Muslim journalist working for The Independent but Mahatma Gandhi was against it and didn’t allow it?

…that Mahatma Gandhi believed that the sexual act was only for procreation and insisted that everyone close to him should take an oath of celibacy after marriage? And that Vijayalaxmi Pandit defied him?

…that Mahatma Gandhi insisted on a Vedic marriage between Indira and Feroze Gandhi, so Feroz had to go through the process of becoming a Hindu?

…that a labour leader from Allahabad, Manzoor Ali publicly claimed to be the hald brother of Jawharlal Nehru?

…that Manzoor Ali was the real brother of a famous tawaif Jaddanbai?

…that one of the three children of Jaddanbai from three different husbands was famous film actress Nargis?

…that Nehru blood, thus, runs in the veins of Sanjay Dutt, the controversial film star at the moment being tried in bomb blasts case?

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One more Article ...i just cant belive it.............speechless  :-X

source :http://www.nehruFamily.com/ , summarized version :http://krishnajnehru.blogspot.com/2005/04/nehru-died-of-tertiary-syphilis-aortic.html
GHIYASUDDIN GHAZI (Name changed to GANGA DHAR to escape British army). His son was

MOTILAL married and his first wife and son died at childbirth.
MOTILAL and his second wife THUSSU (name changed to SWAROOP RANI) had three children
THUSSU with MOBARAK ALI (Motilal's Boss) was the first son JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU (he was circumcised)
MOTILAL AND THUSSU had two daughters by name NAN (also called Vijaya Lakshmi) & KRISHNA
MOTILAL had also two b****** sons out of Muslim women by name SHEIK ABDULLA &SYUD HUSSAIN
VIJAYA LAKSHMI eloped with SYUD HUSSAIN (half brother and sister) and had a girl CHANDRALEKHA
JAWAHARLAL NEHRU married KAMALA KAUL (marriage never consummated)
JAWAHARLAL had an affair with SARADDHA MATA (assumed name) and had a son given away to an orphanage in BANGALORE
JAWAHARLAL had an affair with LADY MOUNTBATTEN but no children
KAMALA KAUL had an affair with MANZUR ALI (who is son of Mobark Ali who fathered Nehru also) and their daughter is INDIRA PRIYADARSINI NEHRU
KAMALA KAUL had an affair with FEROZ KHAN (son of Nawab Khan who supplied liquor to their house) but no children
INDIRA was found in the bed with her GERMAN TEACHER at Shantiniketan
INDIRA PRIYADARSINI nikhahed as per Islamic rites FEROZ KHAN after converting herself to Islam. Her new name was MAIMUNA BEGUM and both had changed their name to fool the public of India on the advice of Ghandi by an affidavit in a court to INDIRA GHANDI and FEROZ GANDHI
INDIRA and FEROZ had one son by name RAJIV GHANDI (as per Islamic rites he was circumcised)
INDIRA had an affair with MOHAMMED YOUNUS and had a second son SANJIV GHANDI (later the name changed to SANJAY GHANDI to escape prosecution in UK for car theft. He was circumcised as per Islamic rites)
INDIRA had an affair with M.O. MATHAI (Nehru's steno) and a son was aborted
INDIRA had an affair with DHIRENDRA BRAMMACHARI but no children
INDIRA had an affair with DHINESH SINGH but no children
FEROZ had an affair with TARAKESWARI SINHA
FEROZ had an affair with MEHMUNA SULTANA
FEROZ had an affair with SUBHADRA JOSHI and many others.
RAJIV GHANDI converted to a Christian Catholic and changed the name to ROBERTO and married the Italian Catholic Christian by name SONIA MAINO (Sonia Maino was on the pay roll of KGB, the Russian spy agency which presented her in front of Rajiv Ghandi) and had one daughter and one son by name BIANKA and RAUL. For the Indian public these names are presented as PRIANKA and RAHUL.

The Womanizer was after ladies and even had an illegitimate son who was left with some christian missionaries. One of the reason for the free run for the christian conversion through out India and in North East particularly was that the christians could blackmail Nehru with exposure. Eventually this womanizer died of TERTIARY SYPHILIS-AORTIC ANEURYSM

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