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Does 'Yaba Daba Doo' or 'Power Extreme!' ring a bell? Or what about 'Ssssmmmooookkkkkkkkkinnnnn!' or 'The power is yours!'?
That's right folks, we are just getting into the long lost world of our beloved 'Cartoon Network' in its glorious era of the 90's.

This is just the introduction. You can go on and on about the channel, about the shows and how it shaped your childhood. I am going to put up a list of some of the all time greatest cartoons.


The opening and closing credits of one of the most popular catoon series ever- The Flintstones.


flintstones 50th

There's hardly anyone who has not seen or heard about these cartoons.The channel, launched on 1st of May 1995 and was the first tv channel for kids in India.

Then the next one is 'The Jetsons'

jetsons pc

The channel originally aired only Hanna-Barbera cartoons such as Flintstones, Scooby Doo etc.These were the prime time shows aired around 12 noon to 5.00 pm

adams family

The Adam's Family made us believe that scary things can be cool and funny.


Well, there's one thing I gotta sing about, open up wide and really shout, "Ooooohhh, look out! THIS IS THE MASK!" Smokin'!

Unlimited fun and action 'smokin' all along the show.

The channel then quickly started to develop though airing MGM cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Droopy etc.

Butch Tom and Jerry

Tom e jerry

In 1999 channel recieved a rebrand, introducing new powerhouse shows like Dexter's Lab, Ed,Edd n' Eddy, Johnny Bravo etc.



Johnny Bravo Full Color -full

In 2001, it launched its all time hit programming blocks like Cartoon Cartoons(Samurai Jack,Power Puff Girls), Toonami (Dragon Ball Z), Prime Time(Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry) and Cartoon Network after Dark(X-Men Evolution, Batman-The Animated Series).



This show taught us that the real monsters are humans and they can be caught and punished with just a little bit of courage.


He taught us to eat healty and stay strong!


The Mega Cat city was the favourite city and these guys had it covered!

captain planet

Captain Planet made us morally obliged to keep our neighbourhood safe! He really was our beloved hero at the time.


The Centurions! They made us scream 'POWER EXTREME' and made us believe that we too can save the world.

In 2003 came the 'Pokemon' and every kid's schedule changed.


And finally,


You just can't get enough of these characters. Buggs, Daffy, Tazz. They've been in your games, in your dreams. The Road Runner and Coyote, Silvester and Tweety Mystries and many more!



They made us roll on the floor with laughter. This show was simply one of the best shows ever!

There are some significant absenties in this list. But this was my personal choice list. I am sure you al have watched all these shows and have lots of sweet memories with them. But for now... 




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