The biggest fear of a footballer is to get injured while doing what he loves, playing football. An injury at any time could potentially be the end of a promising career. A slide tackle too early or too late, a misjudged volley, a collision of heads while going for a header, anything could lead to some serious damage. Here are 6 of the worst injuries suffered by footballers.

Eduardo Da Silva:
In 2008 Arsenal Striker Eduardo Da Silva suffered a horrendous leg injury that kept him out of competitive football for almost 10 months. The injury happened with not less than 3 minutes on the clock the 23rd of February while Arsenal took on Birmingham City at St. Andrews in a Premiership game. The Brazilian born Croatian suffered a broken leg as well as a broken ankle.




Da Silva

David Busst:
David 'Dave' Busst, former english professional footballer suffered a career ending injury while playing for Coventry City against Manchester United in 1996. His injury is often referred to as the most horrific injury in the history of the Premier League. Two minutes into the game Busst collided with Manchester United Dennis Irwin and Brian Mcclair which resulted in extensive damage to his tibia and fibula. Blood had to be cleaned off the grass as the game was stopped for 12 minutes. Manchester United Goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel allegedly vomitted on the pitch at the site of the injury and required counselling afterward.


Francesco Totti:
One of the few professional footballer who have only ever player for one club, Francesco Totti has been with AS Roma since 1993 when he broke into the senior squad from the youth ranks. On 19 February 2006 Totti suffered a fracture to his left fibula and major ligament damage after a tackle from Richard Vanigli. He made a miraculous recovery and was back in the Roma squad on the 11 of May when he made an appearance coming on as a substitute.


Francesco Totti

Henrik Larsson:
Swedish Football Legend Henrik Larsson has played for a number of Major football clubs including the likes of Celtic, Barcelona and Manchester United in his prolific career spanning over 21 years. On 22nd October 1999, in a UEFA Cup tie against Lyon, where Celtic lost 1-0, Larsson suffered a career threatening injury where he broke his leg in two places from a challenge from Serge Blanc. The injury saw him sidelined for 8 months returning on the last day of the 1999-2000 season.


Henrik Larsson

Luc Nilis:
Belgian Footballer Luc Nilis started his career at Aston Villa on a positive note, not knowing that it would end there itself. He ended his career prematurely after suffering a broken leg in a match between Aston Villa and Ipswich Town in the 2000-2001 season. He collided with Ipswich Town Goalkeeper Richard Wright, and never again did he play professional football again.


Luc Nilis

Djibril Cisse:
Cisse has been a player, with a career, that has been ridden with injuries. Breaking his leg on 2 occassions while playing for his country France and well as while playing for English Club Liverpool. His first injury was while playing for Liverpool in the 2004-05 season. In a freak accident while playing Blackburn Rovers he challenged for the ball against Blackburn;s Jay McEveley and his boot got caught in the turf and his leg snapped resulting in a broken tibia and fibula. It was said that it would take upto 9 months maybe more to recover, but on 13 April he came on as a 75th minute substitute in a Champions League game for Liverpool. In 2006 Cisse would fracture his Tibia again while playing a warm up game for France against China.


Djibril Cisse

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