What is a dream? A dream is a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring in voluntarily in the mind during the different stages of sleep. Throughout time dreams have been quite a curious topic and people even have their dreams interpreted or keep dream diaries. They are mysterious, eye-opening and sometimes even downright frightening. Here are 10 facts about dreams that you may have never heard about!


1) Everybody dreams.
That's right every single human being, male or female, adult or baby, dreams. So those that claim that they don't ever have dreams are either lying or they just don't remember their dreams. A person can have multiple dreams in a single night, each ranging from 5 to 20 min. In fact, during a typical life time, a person spends 6 hours of his life just dreaming!


2) Men and woman have different types of dreams.
Men and women are not similar at all, not even while they're asleep! Studies show that gender differences occur in dreams also, such as the agression levels found in the dreams of men is much higher than the dreams of women. Also women have longer dreams which include an array of characters, both male and female, whereas men have shorter dreams and mostly have male characters in them. 


3) Animals dream too.
Its hard to say for sure if animals dream or not, but researchers believe that animals do have dreams, but may not be as complex as a human's dream. So the next time you see your pet wag his tail or move his legs, you can be sure he's in Dreamland!
4) Blind people dream.
Imagine having a dream which you can't see. It's like a movie playing without the visuals. That's how blind people dream. Despite the lack of visuals, the dreams of blind people are still as vivid and complex as the dreams of sighted people, but in the place of the visual sensations, there is a heavy concentration on the other senses such as sound,taste,touch and smell!


5) You can control your dreams.
When you are able to control your dream, its called lucid dreaming. In lucid dreaming, the person is fully aware of the fact that he is dreaming and is able to control the events and situations that take place in his dream. The phrase 'living the dream' really takes on a whole new meaning!


6) Dream, then invent.
Many of the greatest inventions the world has ever seen have not come up due to endless hours of head scratching and researching, but through a regular dream! Many inventors said that their dreams were the birthplace for their ideas. Some examples are: Google which was invented by Larry Page and the Periodic Table which was invented by Dimitri Mendeleve. 
7) Predict the future.
There have been many instances in which people have had dreams about certain events, which actually happened in real life after some time in the exact manner! These dreams are called premonition dreams.  Now, have they predicted the future or is it just a coincidence? Whatever it may be, its pretty cool! Some of the most famous premonition dreams have been Abraham Lincoln predicting his own assasination.


8) No strangers allowed!
In our dreams, the characters in it can never be someone that we haven't ever seen. The thing is, our brain cannot create a face of of a person on its own, so the people that we see in our dreams are only people we know or the faces of people that we might have seen in a crowd or somewhere!
9) Dreams tend to be negative.
In our dreams we come across various emotions such as happiness, sadness, anxiety etc. But research has proven that the emotion people feel the most in their dreams is that of a negative kind such as anxiety, worry, stress, melancholy etc. 


10) The Dream Drug
There are some people that love to dream so much that they take a drug which is illegal and prevents them from waking up. The hallucinogenic drug is called Dimethyltryptamine, which is a synthetic form of the chemical that our brains produce while sleeping, causing dreams.

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