Everyone loves candy, whether its sweet or savoury or sour, candy makes the world go round! But like everything else in the world, the same old candy can also get mundane, and here's when creative candy inventors introduce the most wackiest and slightly strange candies to the world, in terms of taste and look! Here are ten most strange candies the world has ever seen.

1) Sour candy body fluids

So everyone knows that you should drink anything from a syringe or a urine sample container right? Wrong! You can if it’s a sour candy, so go ahead and freak people out by drinking candy blood and pee!

2) Caffeinated Maple-Bacon Lollipops

We all love anything with caffeine..then maple syrup.. bacon..and lollipops, but together? I can’t even imagine how that would taste!

3) Prank Powder Decepti Candy

I think from the name itself you can tell that this candy is not something to mess around with that is unless you want your mouth stained, or foamed! Beware!

4) Percy Pigs

Percy Pigs are these piglet shaped gummies that come in different flavours like raspberry, cola, grape and lemon. Now you must wondering what is so strange about this, right? The thing is, these Percy Pigs are made with real pig, by way of pork gelatin. Now we love pork just as much as the next guy, but isn’t this a little too much?

5) Lucas Salsagheti Gusanos Sandia

Salsagheti is a candy which has a Mexican and Italian fusion, which is spicy watermelon flavoured strings  that you top with a packet of tamarind sauce.

6) Barratt Shrimps and Bananas

In what world do shrimps and bananas go well with each other? Go figure!

7) Black Jack Gum

This is the perfect gum for all the black licorice lovers in the world!

8) Lightning Bugs Gummy Candyglow-gummy-bugs-lightning

These gummy lightning bugs come with LED tongs, that make them light up once you grab a hold of them. It’s almost as if you’re eating a firefly!

9) Wasabi Kit Kat

Now Japan has come up with a number of crazy Kit Kat flavours like green tea and all, but I think the Wasabi flavoured Kit Kat tops it all!

10) Popin’ Cookin’ Happy Sushi House

This is one of the most hands on candy ever. Each kit is an adventure in molecular candy gastronomy , as you mix powders and liquids and watch the candy form right in front of you! 

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