Creativity and productivity are both products of a healthy work environment. Companies, today, are taking the task of creating ideal work conditions to new heights with innovative manoeuvres in design and perks that guarantee the best talent.
Most of us dread waking up to the sound of our alarms signalling us that it's time to go to work at yet another uninspiring place. We have a list of companies that have created awe-inspiring work-place design that is the envy of everyone who does not work there.

Inventionland Design Factory, Pittsburgh

America's largest invention factory, Inventionland Design Factory, ensures it's inventors are thrilled with the process of creating new inventions and designs, as opposed to being frustrated by the challenge. It's fashioned as an amusement park with 16 different themes such as a cave, shipwreck, castle or giant robot. Contributing to a soothing ambiance is the sound of running waterfalls, chirping birds and music. Employees can choose any space to work that suits their disposition. Here, you can let all your childhood fantasies run wild.

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Airbnb, San Francisco

The Airbnb office is situated at 888 Brannan, which is a renovated hundred year old industrial building. Part of the building is occupied by their offices with rooms modelled on eight apartment listings on the website from different parts of the world. One of the sections is, infact, an exact replication of their first ever listing on the website. The entire space is meant to showcase what the company represents and it is almost like working within the comfort of your own home.







Google, London

Google is at it's quirky best at their London Office with a 'Secret Garden' area on the roof for employees to plant herbs and vegetables, a 'Granny Flat' area that has vintage furniture and rocking chairs for your comfort, and lots more. They even have a 'Google Park' where you can unwind.






Facebook, San Francisco

Facebook offers it's employees many perks. They have a massive spread of food in their canteen to cater to all tastes. In warm weather, they also use one of the building's roofs for grillng and musical performances. They have game rooms with Guitar Hero, Chess, Ping Pong tables and more. It's like a small thriving society all on it's own. It has everything you'll ever need and you never need to leave which may sound like the plot to a horror movie but their employees love it.




Selgas Cano, Madrid

Being an architectural firm, the Selgas Cano office is a testament to great architecture. What really makes this place amazing is the location, it is situated in the lap of nature. The architectural style, as well, is quite unique and it captures the eye immediately.




Zynga, San Francisco

We expect nothing short of awesome from the guys who gave us Farmville. The Zynga office is divided by game, if you work on a particular game then your surroundings are going to look like it too. The company is named after former CEO Mark Pincus’s late American bulldog and true to it's name or logo rather they have a dedicated grooming area for dogs on their roof. Apparently, at Zynga, not only employees enjoy benefits like healthy, gourmet food, happy hours and free massages but so do their dogs.




Hootsuite, Vancouver

Hootsuite, a haven for their employees, is a social media management company. It's a workplace and getaway all in one. They have TVs all over displaying something called 'Hootfeeds' which are live Twitter streams of any keyword you might like to search. They have a place called the 'Cabin' for if you might need to take a nap during work. For those who need a little personal space to get some work done away from everyone else, there are tents. If you feel like you need a workout, they have a gym and yoga studio too and after that if you need a drink there is a beer tap available. It, honestly, doesn't get cooler than this.




Missing Link, South Africa

Workplaces are stress prone areas but Missing Link has found a remedy for this with a shooting range in their office. They also don't bother with stairs or lifts because they have fireman's poles and slides. If you thought it ends here, it doesn't. If all the above hasn't convinced you of Missing Link's cool factor then here's the clincher - they have a tattoo studio called 'Missing Ink'.

MIssing Link1

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Red Bull, Amsterdam

The Red Bull office is located inside a former shipbuilding beside a harbour. Aside from the view, the place has some great features to it. There are three bays defined inside of the office, one of which is a meeting room with a DJ booth and recording studio. The bathrooms have mosaics of religious figures doing crazy things like DJ-ing or karaoke. They also have a 'Crash Room' which is a neon-lit resting room and a canteen called 'The Dive'.

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White Mountain Office, Stockholm

White Mountain, a Swedish internet provider has it's offices located 100 feet below Stockholm in a place that was previously a shelter from atomic bombs. This anti-atomic shelter was renovated and converted into one of the most original office environments in the world by Albert France-Lanord Architects. It gives you the sense of being in the villain's lair of a classic Superhero movie.

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