Thats Life!! 

It’s almost midnight. Jim is lying in his bed. He’s not trying to sleep. Who wants to miss that precious moment in his life when he’s turning 18? He too is all willing to get that license and hear the roaring engines firing at 90 miles an hour as he rides his first car on the freeway. He’s sure Sarah will sit beside him clinging to him tightly before they have their first kiss and as of now he’s clutching his cell phone tightly hoping it to ring and beep as his peers call him in a few seconds.

Jim isn’t any different from you and me. He’s just like all of us and questions like “why do we live?” or “why are we born?” don’t haunt him. He considers them weird and unanswerable just like you and me. They are for him unimportant. Though he doesn’t think about them do you know what he’s doing as he’s lying there? He’s thinking about how much freedom is that stroke of midnight going to give him. He’s thinking about his future and the new experiences it will get him.

We all come in this world without much of a choice. We can’t choose our parents, we can’t choose our appearances and neither do we have a choice of our innate qualities or tendencies whether good or bad. But there’s one more fact. We don’t have a choice to die either. Most of us are too afraid of committing suicide. In other words we just don’t have the guts. So here we are. Left with decades and sometimes a century of time with not much of choice and so we are forced. Forced to live.

In these decades of forced vacation called life, we start finding ways to spend it. Some people use their qualities and tendencies. Some develop them from others. We label these ways in several forms. Some call it love, some profession, some passion and some…don’t know what!. In short we all have to find something to do because ultimately we have no choice.

Long journeys have to have halts and breaks. So we go away from our passions and have experiences. People don’t get addicted to alcohol or drugs. They are not addicted to sex. They get addicted to experiences of them. There are so many experiences here. Everyone is addicted to a different experience. This addiction to experiences is what we call life. And its so strong to get rid off that by the time we can only form a list of these experiences, our time here is over! And that’s life!

Whether having these experiences is good or bad, or what leads to heaven or hell isn’t for us to decide. If god exists, he will take care of it. Make justice. Find the best way to spend your vacation here. That’s all. Don’t ever cry about yesterday. Be happy because you have today. You may not have a tomorrow to think about it. Some people die in a day, some in weeks. Some old, some young and no one knows when the time is over.

The Happy Prince 


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