Ever imagine what it would be like to get away and live the high life? Stay in hotels in places so exotic that it wouldn’t compare even to your wildest dreams. We’re going to try and create a make believe trip for you to experience right now.
From jungles to mountaintops, from the clean blue waters of Greece to the buzzing streets of Paris these venues are nothing short of beautiful. As different as they are from each other each place is perfectly suited for you to relax and take a breather. You will see some of the most unique hotels across the world.

1. Äscher Cliff, Switzerland

Ascher Cliff


In their struggle to attract diverse (and often wealthy) visitors, hotels have often been at the forefront of creative structure and interior design, striving to create ever more intriguing and attractive rooms in ever more exotic locales. That’s why you get hotelsperched atop cliff faces, hotels built inside sea caves, hotels with waterfalls, and otheramazing feats of engineering and design.

Some, like the Conrad Maldives shown here orthe Manta resort in Zanzibar, even let their guests sleep underwater.Some of these designs are unique, but as expensive as they might be, some of them are not as private as traditional hotel rooms. On the other hand, some of the hotels give you views that over look valleys and the sea, that are so beautiful that they start to seem like a figment of someone’s imagination.

2. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Hotel Kakslauttanen1

Hotel Kakslauttanen2

3. Ladera Resort, St. Lucia

Ladera Resort1

Ladera Resort2

Ladera Resort3

4. The Manta Resort, Zanzibar

The Manta Resort1

The Manta Resort2

The Manta Resort3

The Manta Resort4

5. Rayavadee Krabi, Thailand

Rayavadee Krabi1

Rayavadee Krabi2

6. Shangri La, Paris

Shangri La

7. Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese Polignano a Mare, Italy

Ristorante Grotta

8. Conrad Maldives, Rangali Island

Conrad Maldives1

Conrad Maldives2

9. Panchoran Retreat, Bali


10. Hotel Ubud Hanging Gardens, Indonesia

Ubud Hanging Gardens1

Ubud Hanging Gardens2

Ubud Hanging Gardens3

11. Attrap Reves Hotel, France

Attrap Reves1

Attrap Reves2

Attrap Reves3

12. Katikies Hotel-Oia, Greece

Katikies Hotel-Oia1

Katikies Hotel-Oia2

13. Hotel Le Sirenuse, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Le Sirenuse

14. Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

Ice Hotel1

Ice Hotel2

15. The Cambrian Hotel, Adelboden, Switzerland

The Cambrian Hotel1

The Cambrian Hotel2

16. Dedon Island Resort

Dedon Island Resort1

Dedon Island Resort2

17. Homestead Resort and Spa, Utah, USA

Homestead Resort and Spa

18. Villa Escudero, Philippines

Villa Escudero1

Villa Escudero2

19. Hotel-Restaurant Öschinensee, Switzerland

 Hotel-Restaurant Öschinensee

20. Astarte Suits Hotel, Greece

Astarte Suits Hotel1

Astarte Suits Hotel2

21. Hotel Le Moulin du Roc, France

Hotel Le Moulin du Roc

22. Juvet Landscape Resort, Norway

Juvet Landscape Resort1

Juvet Landscape Resort2

Juvet Landscape Resort3

23. Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

Montana Magica Lodge

24. Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Giraffe Manor1

Giraffe Manor2

Giraffe Manor3

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