Great architecture is a thing of marvel, all the intricacies of the structure and what it is meant to convey and signify. Styles have changed over the ages and the art has taken different forms but there are some architects/artists who have paid special attention mostly to the entrances of a space. Here, are 8 of the most amazing entrances known to man.


The entrance to the Bockenheimer Warte Subway Station in Frankfurt, Germany is just one of those things that you stumble upon while walking down the road and marvel at. The architect was inspired by Belgian surrealist painter Rene Magritte to conceive of this beauty.

Bockenheimer Warte2


Bockenheimer Warte1


Bockenheimer Warte3

Bockenheimer Warte4

Looking like something out of a Tolkien novel, this is the North entrance to St. Edward's Church, built betweent he 11th and 15th century, in Stow on the Wold, England.

Stow on the Wold1

Stow on the Wold2

Stow on the Wold3

The Ras Mohommed National Park, Egypt is a protected marine area, the entrance to which is a beautiful stone structure over the road to the park.

Ras Mohammed National Park1

Ras Mohammed National Park2

Ras Mohammed National Park3

Designed by architect Terry Nicholson, the Wonderworks Museum, containing interactive, entertainment exhibits on space, physic and math, are made to look as if they were ravaged by nature and dropped onto another building.

Entrance to Wonderworks in Orlando1

Entrance to Wonderworks in Orlando2

Entrance to Wonderworks in Orlando3

The Dotonbori Hotel in Osaka has a very amusing and artistic entrance.

Entrance to the Dotonbori Hotel in Osaka1

Entrance to the Dotonbori Hotel in Osaka2

The entrance to the children's section of the Cerritos Millennium Museum in Cerritos, California is creatively built and definitely the kind of place children would like to enter.

Entrance to the childrens section of the Cerritos Millennium Library

The Oak Alley in Louisiana is a National Historic Landmark which was previously a plantation. The entrance to Oak Valley is lined with beautiful Oak Trees and it is just a sight to see.

Entrance to the Oak Alley in Louisiana1

Entrance to the Oak Alley in Louisiana2

Entrance to the Oak Alley in Louisiana3

The Back entrance to a random park with a creative imagination.


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