So colorful, so fragrant; you’re lured as if they’re sirens! One can’t really help but stop and smell the roses or swoon over the robust bright yellows and eye catching lavender and purples. Who wouldn’t want to treat themselves a stem or two to brighten up their spaces and to provide the connection with nature that is often lost! And if not, you’re yet to see Bloemenmarkt-one of the largest flower markets of the world. From bouquets that will capture your gaze and heart to multicolored cacti, this market has basically everything!


Florists on canal belt




 rBoats parked on the canal


Boat transport for flowers


The Bloemenmarkt is the world's only floating flower market.It was established founded in 1862 and  is situated in Amsterdam,Netherlands  on Singel canal in between Muntplein and Koningsplein. Currently there are 15 florist shops and garden shops alongwith some souvenir gift stores.This market supplies flowers to the central Amsterdam. It has since developed into the best-known flower market of Holland.It is also one of the favourite tourist spots in Amsterdam.


Multicolored flowers and other plants in Bloemenmarkt


 Florist shops in Bloemenmarkt


Bouquet shop in Bloemenmarkt


The Singel flower market is one of the most colorful and fragrant places of interest of Amsterdam in all four seasons. It is unique in that the merchandise is displayed on floating barges. This is a relic from the days when the flowers and plants sold at this market were shipped in from the horticultural areas around the city by barges. Fresh flowers are still brought in every day; by vans, however, and no longer by boat.


Roses in Bloemenmarkt


 Gerbara flowers in Bloemenmarkt


Plume flowers in Bloemenmarkt


Single coloured tulips in Bloemenmarkt


Tulips for sale in Bloemenmarkt


Whatever your favorite flower, you are bound to find it here. Merchandise ranges from the traditional Dutch tulips and geraniums to delicate indoor cypresses and manobole plants from the Easter Islands. Typically Dutch souvenirs are sold too.


Beautiful flowers in Bloemenmarkt


 Amaryllis flowers in red and white colors,Bloemenmarkt


Garden shop in Bloemenmarkt


Gerbara bouquets in Bloemenmarkt


Everywhere you look there is color and fragrance. It’s open all year, but of course the offerings of live flowers and plants are seasonal. There are hundreds of varieties of flowers, shrubs, tools, seeds and bulbs on sale. You can also find a variety of cacti and bonsai plants. Wooden tulips and tulip magnets are a novelty here.


Cacti in variety of colours in Bloemenmarkt


 Bonsai of different trees in Bloemenmarkt


Bulbs of various flowers in Bloemenmarkt


Magnetic tulips for souvenirs in Bloemenmarkt


The prices are reasonable and the great advantage is that the choice of flowers seems unlimited! These flowers are highly recommended to any guy who wants to make an impression and make a lady feel special. So next time when you’re in Amsterdam, make sure to check out this landmark if you're a flower-lover or inveterate truck farmer.


Bouquet with pink flowers in Bloemenmarkt


 Backside view of the flower shops in Bloemenmarkt


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