Deep Sea Diving, or even snorkeling is the closest most of us will get to making contact with an alien civilization. The marine world seems to work on different laws than the world we inhabit and are used to, and taking a trip down to see what our fellow aquatic earth-dwellers can be an unforgettable experience. Here is a list of the 10 most amazing Diving Sites in the world:

Deep Sea Diving



#10 Little Cayman, West Indies
Little Cayman is home to only about 200 people, and that is probably the primary contributing factor to it being a lot cleaner and less explored than its other cousins in the indies. The water is very clean, and the excellent views can be enjoyed in relative privacy. Little Cayman is not very well known for having a large oceanic population, it is on the other hand, a destination for the more inexperienced diver, and has a lot to offer in terms of easy diving conditions and warm waters, as well as the classic west indian hospitality.

Little Cayman

#9 The Maldives
The Maldives are one of the most popular and well known island/beach destinations, but dont get as much recognition as they deserve for being a perfectly beautiful diving destinations as well. Both North Male and South Ari atoll, offer amazing diving opportunities as well as wonderful opportunities to have a close look at sharks, turtles and a myriad other tropical fish.


#8 Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island
Being the only Malaysian Oceanic island, Barracuda Point at Sipadan Island gets a lot of attention from divers in the area. The reef is especially known for its incredible beauty and rich marine life. The island itself is a living coral rising 600 metres above sea level, with Barracuda point being its best diving zone. Barracuda point, as the name implies also offers a good vantage point for watching barracudas, turtles, and sharks. Less experienced divers though must beware, as the waters around the island are known to have strong currents.

Barracuda Point

#7 Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands
More famous for the nuclear bomb testing and radiation contamination, the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands are located between Australia and Hawaii and offer stunning and relatively unexplored diving opportunities. An added attraction to divers who brave these waters are the large number of shipwrecks, that are always fun to explore.

Bikini Atoll

#6 Rocktail Bay, South Africa
This one is more for the thrill seekers, as South African waters and Rocktail Bay in particular are known for their large shark population, and are a great diving destination for those unafraid, or even seeking a close encounter with these magnificent creatures. Whale sharks and Tiger sharks are more usual in this cool water bay. Leatherback Turtles make a cameo appearance on the bay between the months of November and February and are a great added attraction for visitors.

Rocktail Bay

# 5 Rangiroa, Polynesia
Rangiroa is world’s second largest atoll in a region widely recognized to be one of the most beautiful marine environments on the planet. At the edge of map, Polynesia is also not teeming with crowds, and offers a calmer more relaxed vacation Meanwhile under the water, there is an unbelievable burst of activity, with the beautiful corals, and teeming marine life. Grey reef sharks, Hammerhead sharks, manta rays and dolphins are some of the species you can expect to catch when diving here.


#4 Red Sea, Egypt
The Red Sea is known for being a marvelous sight to behold due to its turquoise clear water. However, those who venture underwater are in for a treat. The single factor that sets the Red Sea apart from other diving spots is the fact that its clear water presents a better opportunity to enjoy the vast diversity of marine life than most other diving spots in the world. There’s also an opportunity for wreck diving at Sha’ab Abu Nuhas.

Red Sea

#3 Kailua Kona, Hawaii
While Hawaii is far more popular as a beach destination, it is also one of the most beautiful places in the world underwater. Kailua Kona is particular stands out as it offers the out-of-the-world experience of night diving. Lights placed at the ocean floor provide visuals and experiences that are truly breathtaking and impossible to forget.

Kailua Kona

#2 The Blue Hole, Belize
The famous Jacques Cousteau named it as one of the best diving sites in the world and that should be reason enough to make it to this list. With crystal clear water and a wide variety of sharks including grey reef sharks, bull sharks and hammerheads - The Blue Hole is one of the premier diving destinations in the world, especially for those who are unafraid of sharks.

Blue Hole

#1 Great Barrier Reef, Australia
At 1200 miles long, a figure almost impossible to fathom, Australia's great barrier reef is the definitive diving experience on the planet, with something to offer somewhere on this watch stretch of coral for divers of every appetite. The reef is populated with over 1500 species of fish and other forms of marine life.

Australian Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

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